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Coach with Books

Ken "Coach Carter" is the man behind the Movie "Coach Carter" Staring Samuel L. Jackson, business man, author, and in demand motivational speaker. Ken Carter has accomplished many things and has been given many honors during his life. He set all-time school records at Richmond High when he played basketball. Later he attended Contra Costa College, then went on to San Francisco State University and continued on to George Fox University. He received awards such as 2001 San Francisco Bay Area Entrepreneur of the Year, NAACP Impact Citizen of the Year, and the California Unsung Heroes Award. He coached sport teams such as his Slam Ball team, The Rumble which he led to the first ever Slam Ball Cup Victory in 2001/2002. Mr. Carter was also 2002 Torchbearer for the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, But opening The Coach Carter Impact Academy will be be atop of his accomplishments.

The Coach Carter Impact Academy is an unconventional boarding school in the small Central Texas town of Marlin.The Coach Carter Impact Academy has about 150 students, with 64 living on campus in dormitories. The academy is known to have a strict academic and athletic atmosphere.

Coach will be opening his Coach Carter Impact Academy in early 2012. This new undertaking will continue in line with all of the great things Coach has done to motivate and improve the lives of others. This massive complex , located in Marlin Texas, will consist of a school for teens, a technical training school to help adults get jobs, dorms and a call center that will hire graduates and the community.

The Garden

The Garden of the Coach Carter Impact Academy is the heart of the school. Acres of Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Watermelons, Peas, Cucumbers, Greens, Okra, Peanuts , and other fruits and vegetables, all grown fresh for the students and the community, by the students. Coach Carter shares his love for healthy food and teaches the students how to grow food. The Garden feeds the school and community in countless ways.

Coach Carter's garden principles go hand in hand with First Lady Michelle Obama's Healthy Food and Let's Move Campaign. The students enrolled at the Coach Carter Impact Academy will eat fresh fruits and vegetables each day and exercise. The students will have A healthy body and mind at the Coach Carter Impact Academy.